eSports Events


Someone out there organizing eSports events?

I’ve just started a company called Rupture Events for the Spanish and Latin American market. We are based in Málaga (Southern Spain) and right now, our main event is a 4-month league of LOL that hopefully will start in March

I’m really interested in learning from professionals, since this is my first incursion in the event market.

Have a nice day!

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Have never run an eSports event myself but I it’s definitely an interesting area. How many people are you aiming/do you have involved?

I’m guessing the idea is that you bring people together in venues to participate, or do people participate remotely during the league?

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Thank you Nick for the interest and for launching this platform.

Our team is composed of 7 people. We have a permanent space we got from the City Hall, this place has space for 20 players (with high-end gaming PCs) and 60 spectators (we’ll look into options for expanding it in the future). The place look and feel has a post-apocalyptic vibe (we’re still working on the decoration elements).

The matches are all played on site, but we will stream them in order to reach greater audience. It’s something rather unusual here in Spain where most of the competitions are held online, our idea is not to compete with major leagues but to grow the community in our city (Málaga), we’ll have matches every Friday and Saturday during four months. We’re also making some connections to get sponsors (gaming peripherals brands and energy drinks mainly).

We’ve got this excitement that you get when you are doing something in a field that is rather new and you feel you are making something people will appreciate and enjoy. I think that’s the best.