Event Activity Ideas

Hi there everyone!

I am an event planner for a legal firm in London. Every year we internally host a party for various members of the company and I’m looking for activity ideas.

Last year we did a sushi making class with Saki tasting which was a lot of fun for all involved. I’m now looking for new ideas to bring to the table for this years party. I have been doing some research but I just keep coming back to lists of event activities for external events.

It has to be something that can easily be done internally at our offices and the whole point is to make is fun and different.

So I ask…does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi Melissa, how many people would the party be for? I’m dying to plan an escape room event but my clients either have too many people or too few :grin: Anyway, these guys seem to do a mobile version that comes to you https://goo.gl/SsyJLC

Some other ideas:

Cheese tasting? Rum tasting?

Pub sports tournament - table tennis/darts/skittles?

What about perfume/aftershave class?

Or you could put everyone into teams and reenact some kind of nostalgic TV game show, e.g. Krypton Factor, Family Fortunes, Mastermind, Question of Sport etc etc?


You could start the day off well with a breakfast party maybe with breakfasts from around the world.

Alternatively, a wine tasting or office talent contest might be fun. A previous employer got a dance teacher in and everyone learnt a routine based on Thriller! They’ve also done competitions based on TV programmes like Bake Off.

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These are some great suggestions, I really appreciate them! I will get straight on to researching! Thank you!


Did an escape room a couple of years ago and it was fantastic - really good team building exercise too :slight_smile:


You could do cake decorating and maybe get them to design some company specific decoration (brand colours/logo etc)? This girl does it in-office in London: http://www.cookiegirl.co.uk/corporate-events/

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I was talking with a few of my corporate event planner buddies a couple of days ago, and they were saying that one of the “everything old is new again” trends is a semi-athletic event. Not the office barbeque 3-legged-race thing (although, that could be 2019’s “big one”), but generally something indoors.

Axe-throwing has become a thing in Canada recently, as have trampoline rooms (there might be another name for those, but I can’t remember right now). Not sure if these will go over well, or have been overdone, in the UK but it might be worth a shot.


Lol we’ve just booked this for our next office social event in London!


I recently read about a new trend taking off in the UK for rage rooms, where you go and smash stuff to relieve stress (could be an interesting team activity?!). There’s one in Birmingham and one in London now too, I think.


@Belinda_Booker, I remember going to one of these in Spain a while ago…it was outdoors, and only one car. A bunch of people were wondering if what we were doing was actually legal (it was brand new at the time).

It was completely legal, and a whole lot of fun.

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Yes! This is amazing!!

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Hmm sounds suspect. Did you also have to remove the car stereo?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Belinda_Booker, only to SMASH IT TO BITS!!!

Come to think of it…maybe our “protective masks” only protected us from the cameras. :thinking: