Event Bundles

I am looking at Eventbrite because the booking system I currently use can’t handle what I need to do in the near future.

I am going to be running five separate workshops (1 Fri, 2 Sat, 2 Sun). Each workshop is standalone so I want to allow people to book individual events, but because all the events have a common theme – there will (hopefully) be people booking for all five events. Using Eventbright can I give a discount to anyone booking all five events? Additionally is there any way to allow people to book all five events in one go, instead of having to do five separate bookings?


Hi Ian, please can you contact the Eventbrite support team here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/support/contact-us as they will be better placed to assist you on this.

Thanks for the reply Melissa,

Did that a couple of hours ago, but there was no field to put in what the query was about!

Just tried again using the link you sent and have finally managed to send a message with the query (none of the “what do you want help with?” questions really applied.) Not the easiest of systems for asking questions, but I got there in the end! :wink: Hopefully, the message will go through to someone who can help.