Event chatbot tool, asking for feedback

Hi everyone!

Recently I’ve been attending events for networking purpose with increasing frequency. Despite that, I feel that I’m not effective at networking. First, I’m not good at breaking the ice. Second, many times I’m stuck with people who are not a “good match”.

Also, some events want you to download their app. My phone is always almost full, so I don’t want to download a dedicated app just for a 1-2 day event.

Since I’m a software developer, I decided to take matters into my own hand and created a service (SaaS) for event organizers to create chatbots for events easily (just connect Eventbrite and a spreadsheet), with “Tinder for events” baked-in :slight_smile: I don’t want this post to become a promotion so I won’t mention the name.

I showed my app to a handful of people in the events industry (from LinkedIn), and they all like it, but don’t want to use it (UPDATED: Now some of them do, and more from SEO!) since it’s missing “something”. The problem is, everyone has different ideas. At this moment I realized that “events” is as broad as “IT”.

So, my questions:

  1. What is the most painful/annoying/boring problem that you often encounter when dealing with attendees?
  2. Currently, what’s your fix/workaround?

Thank you for your time!

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Hi Thomas, this is interesting. What was feedback you got from the people you showed your app to? There are a lot of networking apps on the market - what’s your USP?

Hi Belinda, thanks for your reply!

I talked to more people, and the recurring theme is “I wish it’s WhatsApp” (still waiting for access). Functionality-wise, they have no qualms about it.

Networking is just a feature of the app. When you use the app for your event, it’s like delegating a staff (ok, maybe intern) to each attendee to answer their questions (and pass to human if the app can’t help).

The USP for the app itself:

  1. Ready-to-use, no need to “design” any flow. People literally charge $x,xxx for designing bots.
  2. No need to input your event detail twice, as it syncs from EventBrite (we’ve submitted for Spectrum, crossed finger!). If for some reason you don’t use EventBrite, just connect Google Calendar. EventBrite is very popular where I’m from, so we have the integration.
  3. Have an FAQ page? The app can fetch answers from there.
  4. The price is way cheaper than similar apps (chatbot for events).

What do you think?

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It sounds great, Thomas. Chat bots are great for events, but as you say, having a bespoke one created will be out of many event organisers’ budgets. What’s the name of your app and is a free trial available?

ProBotDev Event Chatbot (I know, could have been better with the name) <-- you can see the screenshot there.

It’s free to use, and users can pay a subscription for more features and remove the “Powered by” branding. It’s $29/mo, but we’re running an “end of year” promotion that I’ve put down here: https://probotdev.com/offer/automated-customer-support/ (it’s actually for our chatbot platform, in which event is a part of)

We’ve decided to go with subscription instead of per event, as it works for both—even if you only do once per year, $29x12 is still way cheaper than other “chatbot for events”. Also, we plan to introduce “drip marketing” feature, which means the chatbot will be useful even way before the D-day.

What do you think?

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It looks really good. Hopefully some of our Tribers will give it a go and provide some feedback for you :+1:

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Thank you for your kind words!