Event for Venues and Suppliers - Responding to RFPs

If you’re a venue or event supplier you may be interested in this free event taking place on Feb 28 in London:

EventHuddle - RFP: Request For Problems

Have you received a RFP (request for proposal) lately?

Receiving a RFP should be a joyous occasion; someone out there has expressed an interest in potentially working with your company. But for hundreds of event venues & suppliers up and down the country, the RFP has become a torturous process.

The explosion in agencies over the last decade has lead to many businesses receiving 50-100 RFP’s a day, many with 24 hour response deadlines, some with as little as 1 hour. As if that isn’t daunting enough, they then need to contend with incompatible software, blanket RFP’s which could be classed as spam, speculative RFPs (where the agency hasn’t won the business yet), duplicate RFPs (multiple agencies sending the same request), etc. All while trying to manage the many other responsibilities of their job.

Join us on Feb 28th as our panel look at the RFP process ,discuss what needs to change, offer tips on how to handle the overwhelming task, and answer your questions.

Chaired by

Kevin Jackson, Head of ideas and innovation - Experience Is The Marketing


Adam Quigley - Head of events, Ministry of Sound Events
Edward Poland - Co-founder, Hirespace.com
Michael Begley - Managing Director, Venuedirectory.com

Having just launched a tender calling for a local welsh venue i’d be intrigued to follow the outcomes of this session.

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