Event merch / t-shirt suppliers

I’m working on a sporting event, and wanted to see if anyone has any recommended (and competitively priced!) t-shirt suppliers?

I’m a big fan of Printful, a really easy to use service for the consumer and seller not least because they integrate directly with so many websites (including Eventbrite i think?) - the only drawback is that being a US company their shipping rates to the UK aren’t that cheap, but I can only imagine this will change as they grow globally.

Lake Digital in Porthmadog and Sional in Llanfairfechan are great for quick turnaround products. They supply everything from cheap low quality to the more expensive high quality merchindise.

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http://www.runningbanana.com/ are good. One thing to look for with any printed technical shirt suppler is one that dyes the graphics into the shirt itself (which Running Banana do). The process is called dye sublimation. You want that method of printing rather than screen printing, which can come off in the wash (and technical shirts get washed a lot!), feels much cheaper, and limits the ability of the shirt to breathe. With shirts that are dye sublimated the design won’t peel or fade, which screen printed shirts will.

http://www.iconprinting.com/ are always great if you are looking for good quality merch that people would actually want to wear/use

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Www.darksidedesigns.org are a fairly new but very good printing company, they specialise in vinyl and sublimation printing who can do just about anything - t-shirts, hoodies, drawstring bags, drinks bottles, even flip flops! They also do signage too and can help design if you don’t have your own already.

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I have a friend who works at BTC Group, I could connect you? They’ve been around for decades.