Event Photography - Give me your advice on how to pick up more events to photograph

I’ve been a freelance event organiser for a very long time and one of the most useful things I found out was how important having Photographs were.

Photos of past events give the attendees a lot more confidence to attend future events, they can see the kind of people that attended, how to dress, what the venue looked like, etc. And if it’s a first time event having photos of the venue itself helps a lot. Without a doubt having photographs on my booking pages helped push up sales.

Photographs became so important to the events I organised that 4+ years ago I bought a professional camera and started taking photographs at my own events and building up my skills (and a now large number of flahes and lenses later) do photography on the side.

Being an event organiser myself I think it’s a great advantage when taking photos as I have a sense of the kind of photos that are useful to the organiser and also to how to treat people and look after them. I’m also able to spot potential problems during the course of the event and alert the organiser to them.

I also developted a unique offering which most photographers don’t do (because I shoot with a camera that has built in WiFi) which is provide a stream of photos during the event which the organiser can upload to their social media as the event is taking place. This comes in particularly useful at large conferences where the company might be making a huge annoucement and have a global audience that can’t be at the actual event but still wants to see photos as the news is being annouced.

I still continue to organise events on a freelance basis, but I’d love to get more work photographing events and conferences for others, both in London where I live but also further afield as I love to travel and see new places.

Any tips on how I go about doing this? I’ve created a website with examples of my past photos and event organisers do find me through that but would like to be more proactive in finding Events & Conferences in London and surrounding areas to photograph and building up relationships with regular event organisers.

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Hi @Diamond, thanks for posting. I’m a big advocate of good event photography and push for this with every client. In terms of picking up new business here are my suggestions:

  • keep in touch with past clients as they may have new projects/change jobs or be asked for a recommendation so you need to keep front of mind with them
  • keep any eye on the suppliers wanted category on eventtribe.com
  • Monitor the events media and venue websites. If you see a new event is happening, get in touch with them as soon as possible
  • Use social media to share a steady stream of great shots so you can build a following and people will come to you because they like your work.
  • Network at every opportunity
    Approach venues and see if they would display your work for free or if they have a recommended suppliers list you can get on.

Best of luck.

I’d suggest you join some of the key event associations and attend their events to enable you to network with other event organisers. There’s a list of associations on this post: Event Associations: Valuable or valueless? but top ones in London are MPI, EVCOM and SITE.
Love the sound of the Wi-Fi camera by the way - sounds like it could really save a lo of time providing you don’t want to do any processing before publishing the pics.

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