Event Planner Mentors

Hi guy’s, I was curious on your take on obtaining Mentor’s to get help with advice and guidance within the events industry. I know this site has been created to help as well, but I was asking, more for one on one advice. How could someone find a mentor? do Mentor’s charge for their mentoring advice? any thoughts are welcome.

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Not an expert here but feel as though most potential mentors would brand themselves as event consultants perhaps? And i’d imagine they’d charge for their services, but am very happy to be corrected by anyone??

Maybe, to get the advice, guidance and experience you’re looking for, interning/working part time for an established event consultant/freelance event planner might be a good way to go?

Thanks Nick, that was helpful, I’m wanting to finish my studies, then look at volunteering for events and hopefully get the chance to follow an event planner around, for one of their events to get a grasp of what event management is about and get some advice. As my last assessment, I need to do an event of my own or help someone with theirs, hopefully this will also be a good way to make some friends.

Hi Gordana, I’ve just seen this 4 month entry level position with Action Against Hunger that might be interesting for you to build on experience…

Hi Jen, that would of been great, but not suitable as I live in Australia, maybe there is something here that works in a similar way. Thanks for your input anyway.

I work mainly as a software consultant and do some mentoring as part of that - I charge for some of that and not for others depending on client’s ability to pay and how much I want to help. I also mentor first-time event speakers for free. If providing advice is your income-earning activity it can be quite hard to justify free work.

Maybe speak to @Jacqui_Davidson

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Hi Gordana - I was curious about the exact same thing about 4 weeks ago. If you are following someone that specialises in this area via e-newsletters or social media, just reach out and ask. Thats what I did and was surprised to see today that I got a positive response out of it. I get an opportunity to connect with her via zoom next week. She has asked for some questions to be sent through prior which is fine and then we will discuss from there. What is on my agenda is to ask how this will be a win-win situation. What she would like in return for her time.

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Sounds great, I’ll try that. I’m hoping to find someone in my state, South Australia, I’m sure there are a lot of planners out there, but just not sure what social platform they hang out at.