Event planners as project manager

Hi everyone,

I want to share with all of you my thoughts.

Today the event planner has to be a project manager dealing with everything, from the business plan to budgeting, from marketing to master plan developing etc. I promote dancing events and small festivals where the revenue comes only from tickets and sponsors.
With this regard I would like to share with you two doubts I have:
When I don’t work for third party companies and I don’t have a fixed budget I take in consideration that the costs of the event determinate the price of the tickets and not the opposite. Do you agree with me on this?

My second doubt is about the structure and timing of the event planning.
Usually one of the first things I do is the business plan, as part of the business plan there is the budgeting. Here is my doubt:
If you want to make an accurate budget analysis in your business plan you need to request the quotation from all the suppliers involved, which means that before writing the business plan you have to contact the suppliers. However to have a good understanding of what kind of suppliers are involved you need the business plan. My question is, at which stage of the event planning you usually deal with the budgeting? In general when you promote an event which criteria do you use to estimate a realistic budget? And, do you take in consideration potential sponsors even at on the first draft budget even if you don’t have any agreement with sponsors yet?

I know it is quite complicated but I would love to have your opinion.

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I understand your doubts and I would try to add some of my thoughts. I may not be able to answer some. Looks like we have a very similar view about events planners’ job. I do call myself project manager because I am :slight_smile:

I run different type of events and the price will be different on the type of event.

1St the price of the ticket is set up to cover the costs only
2nd- the price is set up based on the value the attendees will get which will be higher than just the costs. This events will bring profit.

With regards to planning.

Once I know what kind of event I will deliver and the content I would then know what kind of sponsors I would see at the event. I also want the sponsors to be of a value to the attendees and vice versa.

The budget will be set up depending on the type of event as well.

I think- don’t overthink it. I often do and it slows me down.


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Hi Andrea

For me (in the not-for-profit sector) costs of the event will determine the price of the tickets.

When preparing your business plan you would use cost estimates - based on your own experience, based on some informal enquiries to suppliers about what may be needed, based on others experience. The estimates need to be accurate enough that you gain enough budget for your event and you then need to manage that budget very carefully to ensure you don’t go over.