Event Planners' New Year's Resolutions

Tell us your new year’s events-related resolution for the chance to win £100 of Amazon vouchers!

As we wind our way towards the Christmas holidays and office shutdown we can reflect on 2017… our successes :smiley: , our learnings :confused: , things we just about got away :grimacing: with and other areas we need to work on :chart_with_upwards_trend: .

So, what are you planning to do differently in 2018? What are you aiming to achieve? What single improvement would make the biggest difference next year?

Hurry! Share your 2018 events resolution below by midnight (GMT) on Wednesday 20th December for a chance to win an early Christmas present (1st place: £50, 2x runners up: £25)! The winner will be notified by Friday 22nd December and vouchers sent to them at the earliest opportunity.

Post now and have a Merry Christmas :christmas_tree::snowflake:

The EventTribe Team

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My events resolution is actually to attend more events in 2018. I spend a lot of time reading and writing about the amazing creativity of event organisers but not enough time experiencing it. And after hearing everyone’s predictions for next year (see trends article) it sounds like there’s going to be a lot of great stuff to experience!

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I concur totally on that. I’ve signed up for a few events already :slight_smile:

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I’m going to read more blogs to broaden my knowledge both for the day job and my understanding of the industry. I’ve mostly worked in exhibitions, motorsport and the odd festival but there’s so much more to the industry and so much great content out there. I think reading more blogs will help improve my own blog writing too!

@Belinda_Booker you stole mine! But it’s a good one :slight_smile:

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The best improvement for me is something Eventbrite could do if you were in the generous mood :grinning:

When attendees book tickets on Eventbrite, they could be asked if they opt in to sharing their details with our exhibitors/sponsors (with options of including email or not) and then from one click Eventbrite provides me with an ‘opt in delegate list for sharing’. This would be a massive help with GDPR compliance.

Our attendees are building up a trust for Eventbrite the more we use it. I’m sure if they were asked the same standard Eventbrite GDPR question across all the events they book, they would be more accepting than if it is my organisation asking one custom question and the next time a different organiser is asking them to tick a waiver or whatever.

My New Year resolution is to teach my friend at another company how to use Eventbrite as she would benefit from it massively and we haven’t found the time to sit down together in the last few months. So 2018 is going to be the year I get them online!

Merry Christmas :dizzy:


My new year resolution is to conquer the Caribbean! Fundraising events from the other part of the Globe. From Jamaica to Cameroon passing by London. :wink:


Thanks @JessG this is really good feedback - we have a team working on GDPR atm, there’s a few different solutions out there but they’re working on finding the best possible one for users. I will let you know when there’s official updates on this.

(And hooray for wanting to teach your friend! :grinning:)


I start a new Events Role in 2018 which will see me planning bigger events than I ever have before taking me a little out of my comfort zone, so my Events New Year Resolution is to embrace the role with confidence and continue to challenge myself.


I work for a charity with limited resources and a limited remit, so my events resolution is to work more closely with colleagues in the sector to empower them to organise their own events.

Our events mostly involve training and sharing learning. By ensuring partners in the sector are as comfortable with resources like Eventbrite as I am, we can ensure that the events we put on are sustainable and continue to be mutually beneficial for organisations in the sector.

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Wow! Love a resolution that involves sunshine and travel!

Collaboration and empowerment - great stuff! Have you started for planning this is it something for January onwards?

Congratulations on the new role Louisa. Does us all good to edge out of our comfort zone even if it’s a little scarey! We’ll be with you all the way so don’t forget to post on here if there’s anything you need help with. Best of luck!

We’re already planning how to give our network more agency over the event planning process, but we won’t have any more events at which to implement this approach until January - so that’s when we can put ideas into practise!

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Good stuff. Has everyone bought into this initiative or is that part of the roll out?

@nick_lawson @MelissaJane do you guys have any interesting sounding events on your radar? I think I might give Crime Fest, a crime writing literary festival in Bath, a go.

So far I’ve signed up for International Confex, AI Expo Global, B2C Marketing Expo, B2B Marketing Expo and Marketing Live. May go to Move It too…need to get fit first though. Dress code: lycra :joy:

my NY resolution is to find better ways to track the ROI and success of the events we run

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I aim to attend more events! I find so many I like but don’t end up going - and I want to go!
So I shall in 2018!