Event postmortems/retrospectives

Hello fellow eventees!

I’ve been working out for a while now how best to run event retrospectives when it’s all finished to capture the good stuff, the not so good stuff and things to action for the next event.

I’m curious to know if any of you have a structure of a meeting that works really well for this kind of thing?



Hi Megan, that’s a great question and I think the post mortem is really important. For most of my clients I’ve done a post event report which evaluates each marketing iniative, how well it worked and any learnings/recommendations. Sometimes I’m asked to just email that over to the client and on other occasions I’ve debriefed at meetings. In a meeting, generally the show director has debriefed first and we’ve been through all the headline numbers. This has usually been followed by debriefs from the sales, marketing and operations teams who summarise the wins, issues and learnings from their respective areas.

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