Event Sponsorship Officer – Voluntary Role

Hello - I’m considering taking on the above position for next year’s fashion event to get some experience as I mainly focus on Project Management for events & experiential marketing.

Have you had experience working in this position as a volunteer? I’d really would love some insights from your experience.

Another question is, have you been able to do this role remotely?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Mill_Darby I haven’t done this exactly but I have taken on lower paid roles/projects to gain experience/contacts/exposure and develop my skillset. I would definitely recommend it. Sponsorship sales is generally a tough gig even for seasoned professionals so I would say find out as much as you can about the role before you sign on the dotted line such as what has been done before, what lists are available to work from, is it all cold calling, what support there’ll be, what will be expected of you. Best of luck.

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Really appreciate the feedback Melissa. Thank you.