Event startup looking for feedback on new event tech idea - Will it work?


As an entrepreneur, I have lived my life by trying to pay it forward at any chance I get. It’s essentially why I became a mentor at the entrepreneur program at San Diego State University; to give back.

I started a new company called Ellivent and I’m looking for feedback from event planners who have managed the planning of business events, with emphasis on trade shows.

We’re not just another event management company. We’re different. In fact, we’re the opposite. After having attended 50+ tradeshows myself and my co-founder having managed millions of dollars in tradeshow budget, we saw the logistical nightmare in planning our companies tradeshow attendance. In addition, we saw that the tradeshow industry really had no de-facto marketplace where exhibitors, tradeshows and suppliers could interact and do business. Or, to simply give a review on the tradeshow or suppliers you were forced to use or currently use.

If you have 10-15 minutes, would you be willing to view a video and answer a few questions?

You can find the video and survey here: https://forms.gle/JWX3no7fFqvtBDNk7

Thank you to anyone who helps us out. For anyone who fills out the survey and has the relevant planning experience, I will send you a free coffee!

Thank you and I will certainly pay it forward!