Event Tech Live 2017

Anyone else attending Event Tech Live next month? You can register free here: http://www.eventtechlive.com/


I can’t go unfortunately. It sounds like a great line-up. I spoke to the organiser @Adam_Parry this morning to find out about some of the new stuff on show. I especially like the sound of the face recognition tech that can dramatically speed up check-in…

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Really looking forward to immersing myself in it all. Amazing the developments that are happening in so many areas!

See you there!

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The £130 return train ticket has stopped me being able to attend :astonished:

Ouch! Is the bus any cheaper? I’ve been using megabus a bit recently and it’s super cheap (£12 return London to Bath) and seems quite efficient so a good option if you’re near one of their routes. Where are you based?

Sadly MegaBus doesn’t have route from north Wales. I’m going to look at split ticketing is how much of a difference there is.

Try Sn-Ap Travel. You might be able to find other people going your way.


I’ll be at booth 24 if anyone wants to say hi!

Or taking advantage of the proximity to Beigel Bake and stocking up on beigels :yum:


Will definitely swing by @simon Look forward to meeting you there.

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Is anyone interested in meeting up after the event? Informal EventTribers meetup?

Brewdog Shoreditch
is very close, and has a lot of space, but obviously, there are loads of places around Old Street.

Let me know Tribers! :sunglasses:

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Yes definitely.

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Hope everyone who made it had a good time!

Gutted I couldn’t make it. What were the highlights?

Sorry I didn’t have chance to catch up with you in the end. I thought the seminar programme was great and I met some good people. Bit disappointed there wasn’t more cutting edge content. Was waiting to be wowed but wasn’t really. Spoke to one VR exhibitor and one face recognition provider. Exhibitors seemed pretty happy and it was interesting to be a visitor for a change. Found myself moaning about the catering and the toilets :joy:
What did you think?

The face recognition tech was really interesting. It’s 99.9% accurate which is better than humans! Runs into challenges once inside an exhibition though - I asked about exhibitors using to know who is approaching their stand which could help them optimise their approach, use their best people etc. However, the same restrictions that apply to photographing a group versus an individual without permission come into play. I suspect there will have to be an opt in as part of registration to get around that. Also discussed in time the face recognition linking to security checks…a whole can of worms there to overcome but would be great to really know who is in the room!

On a lighter note, I came home with relatively low tech but always welcome giveaways!

Interesting… hadn’t thought about it from that perspective. Can of worms, indeed. I think the tech could be amazing for networking. If you could have it integrated into google glasses and be subtly alerted as to who’s who. I’m not great with recognising people or with names so it would be a godsend!
Ha ha to the biscuit phone - might struggle to get signal on it :joy:

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I’m not great on names either and if I meet someone out of context it’s a nightmare which is bad enough socially but not your best career move in a business situation.

Yes, signal on biscuit phone dreadful. Like being out in the sticks. Was hoping for at least an iPhone 8!!

On a separate note, used these https://www.silentseminars.com/ at ETL and thought they were great not least because I’m a bit deaf in my right ear so sometimes struggle to hear everything in this sort of environment. With the seminars taking place on the show floor resulting in considerable background noise everyone was in the same boat so this solution worked well and kept everyone within the main part of the show keeping exhibitors happy too.

I don’t go to many seminars (as usually working the event not visiting) so they might be used a lot but it certainly greatly enhanced my visitor experience and the seminar programme was very good.

That’s interesting. I’m guessing this was the kind of tech @APC was talking about for the silent disco talks: OpenSpace | Unconference | other formats

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