Event Technology 2017

Since the year is ending soon I just wanted to see what were some of your favorite event technology in 2017? What are you looking forward to seeing in 2018?

I think the coolest thing I’ve seen was “social vend.” That was definitely nifty! The machine can do so much whether its market research, data capture, social engagements, etc. Another cool one was a robot that was greeting guests. Technology is definitely taking over.

Social Vend sounds interesting. Is it like a vending machine that rewards people with free items for interaction?

Yes! So everything is customizable, so event planners can up-sell sponsorships with this and brand it BUT the cooler part is how you can customize the interaction on the touch screen. I’ve seen some companies put a game on the touch screen and once the game is done you get your prize but you can use it to capture data, amplify social interactions and the list is endless.

It eases the advertising pain!

I can imagine attendees really enjoying interacting with it too as it’s adding that gamification element. Did you take any pictures. I’d be interested to see the set up.

Yes! Just posted it below. I think this tech is amazing. The possibilities with this seems so endless especially if you have a great software designer.

That looks great, thanks for sharing. I bet these are going to be really popular. Shall look forward to seeing the different uses and how creative brands can get!