EventTribe Meetup, London 14 November

Join us for a drink at the first of these informal networking sessions for anyone in the events industry!

I’m sure you, like me and many others have felt a bit like you’re out there on your own - not many of us work in big teams, and even if we do, you have your own role to play.

I know we must have all come across similar frustrations, so let’s use this informal meetup group to chat about them, share some stories, some strategies and successes!

This is a drop in session - come when you can between 6pm & 9pm, and if there are still some folk around after 9pm we can have a drink afterwards!

Don’t forget to register here:


Great idea! Looking forward to it.

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Looking forward to seeing everyone later on this evening!

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Sorry I missed this :frowning: Hope everyone had a fun time!

Sorry I couldn’t be there for this. This week has been a blur! How did it go?

Gutted to have missed this! Any plans for another?