EventTribe - Posting The Best Answers

Hi EventTribers

Over the past few months, you’ve probably noticed a few changes around the EventTribe site.

  • We’ve added a banner to better help newcomers and regular members alike.
  • We’ve begun running more regular AMAs.
  • We’ve structured the groups a lot better and generally tried to improve the experience for everyone.

Yesterday we switch on a feature of this platform called ‘Accepted Solutions’. An accepted solution usually includes a combination of:

  • Really specific advice relevant to the question.
  • Case studies/experiences.
  • Links to specific resources / posts that answer the problem.

Our goal is two-fold.

  1. Make it clear when a question has a great solution. This shows up as a ‘ticked box’ next to the question itself. Not every discussion will need an accepted solution, but when someone asks a question we want to make it easier for people to find a good solution. Both the person who posted the question and the moderators can mark an answer as an accepted solution.

  2. Give appreciation to people providing great answers. We have a lot of great members providing a lot of great answers. We really want to do more to highlight these people. Accepted solutions (despite the technical name) is a nice way to do it. If someone provides a great answer to your question, please mark it as an accepted solution.

We would love to get your feedback on both the above and anything else you think would help make this the best possible community for event professionals If you have ideas for resources, AMA guests, features or more, let us know.

This isn’t a community we build for you, it’s a community we want to build with you.