EventTribe's Members of the Month - April 2018!

Good morning everyone and welcome to May.

We’ve had some incredible contributions and great members participating in the past month and we’d like to take a little time to acknowledge a few of them in a short, fun, awards post.

Without all of you folks, we would be able to have the incredible community we have here.

Member of the Month

(by likes received)

  1. @DewiEirig (congrats!)
  2. @Voicey
  3. @Aman

Most Appreciative

Who showed the most appreciation?

  1. @muonabena
  2. @promoterGO
  3. @Aman, @Kamayou @Voicey, @Whit, and @DewiEirig (all tied)

Most Contributions

  1. @Voicey (20)
  2. @DewiEirig (16)
  3. @Aman (15)
  4. @maricarjagger (14)

Visitors of the month!

For the members who visit the most without participating. We like you folks too! :slight_smile:

  1. @kmajor
  2. @BillHurleyFraser
  3. @Kamayou

Thanks everyone for your contributions in the past month. Please keep sharing your questions, your expertise, and your appreciation (via likes) in EventTribe as we continue to make this the best possible community for event professionals.


Thank you :sparkling_heart:



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Yes! our favourite lurkers :slight_smile:

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Lurkers always sounds so negative, I prefer ‘our most dedicated readers’. :slight_smile:


Great stuff. Well done all! Please keep it coming!