Facebook vs Twitter for ads?

I have a small amount of budget to use for advertising an upcoming party I’m involved with but not sure if I should use this money on Facebook or Twitter? Anyone had better luck with one over the other? Or something else entirely maybe?

Hi Mark, I’ve only used these a couple of times - once for a motoring event & once for a religious event - and both times Facebook ads performed much better. I’m also looking at LinkedIn ads at the moment. Heard mixed reports so interested to hear about other people’s experiences. Melissa

Hi Mark,

It basically depends on your geo-targeting and your niche, as Facebook and Twitter have different performance across different contries and audiences. But as a rule of thumb if you have a small budget is better to use Facebook, as you can get bigger exposure at a lower price. What about search marketing?. This basically gives best results compared with social.

Hope this may help

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Good advice. I’d do search & Facebook to start with & see how they perform. You can always move budget around, rein it in or top it up.

Yes, Search and Facbook is the best to start with. Track, analyse and refine.

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