Favourite Event Venues

Do you have a favourite venue for an event? Share them here.

For small meetings and workshops I’ve used etc. venues a lot, both as a workshop facilitator, meeting organiser, speaker and attendees, and I think they’re great.

I’m also a huge fan of Campus London; and last year we hosted larger events at Central Hall Westminster and 8 Northumberland Avenue, both were fantastic to work with.

For larger events, The Brewery and Tobacco Dock are both great options.

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We love Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh and The Brewery in London. Also we are big fans of etc venues and The Studio venues.

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The Witness History Internal Courtyard in The GPO Dublin lovely unusual venue. Event on Easter Monday in the courtyard GPO Witness History museum

And just adding to the Dublin suggestions: Teelings Distillery and the Science Gallery are also lovely venues in Dublin.

We’re doing an event at theTobacco dock at the beginning of April. It’s look like its going to be a new fav.

@angela what’s the event? Been to a couple of very different events at Tobacco Dock (a conference and a music event) but thought it was a great venue for both.

The client is called SKIFT. They are a travel and tourism association. It will be a few day conference on all things travel.

Any suggestions for a summer party for about 100 people in Brighton? I’m looking for somewhere quite central with outside space and disabled access. It’s a corporate event but the guests will be interested in sustainability; somewhere quite funky and different would be ideal.

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I love The Brewery and used to use the Hilton Park Lane in my old job, had nothing but great service.

Last year I used 30 Euston Square for the first time, for a conference. It’s a lovely venue again with a great sales and ops team.

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing this great Information! Keep it up dude

RIBA in Great Portland Street is lovely as is Banking Hall in Bank,

I like The Deck at the National Theatre. When the sun shines in London, it’s a fabulous place to be, overlooking the South Bank. Altitude London is another great place to be for (bird’s eye) views of the city.