FIFA World Cup match screenings. Cover charge or no?

Hello, this is my first post here. Just got onto the forum to seek help & advice.

I’m approaching a few pubs in my city so they would screen the FIFA World Cup matches starting next month. Model is that we’re going to charge them an Entry Fee, half of which will be redeemable against a couple of drinks. Budweiser is sponsoring our events for the entire duration of the World Cup.

Now the first pub I have contacted wasn’t too keen on the idea of a cover charge citing that their sales actually go down as compared to what they would have made in case of ‘walk-ins’.

Now I have to think of an alternate model since i’m assuming I will face this problem everywhere.

Any help will be appreciated.




Hi Kunal, welcome to EventTribe! This isn’t my field but I would ask a few more pubs before you make any more decisions. Also, could you sell the cover charge on the basis that it secures the holder a seat/guarantees entry? Walk ups could still take their chance.


I would hand over drinks vouchers to them when they pay the entry. People then think that they get something in return for their money and may lead to more loyalty to that venue for the rest of the tournament.


Maybe have the event open to all but VIP benefits for people who purchase tickets? Some kind of special Budweiser branded VIP area?


agree with you