Film Festival UK PREMIERE 'Good People' (Bruno Lopez, 2019) - 6th December 2019

Hello !

I am film student at King’s College London and I am organizing an film event as part of our annual film festival. This event consists on the free UK Premiere of a French film, “Des Gens Bien” (“Good People”, Bruno Lopez, 2019).

The film deals with child abuse and domestic violence and portrays the story of two men who steal a car after a heist attempt and discover a little girl in it.

The director and his daughter - lead actress in the film, will attend the event and discuss the film, its content and its making, during a short interview followed by Q&A.

We are in collaboration with L’Institut Français which offers us marketing help and provides the director and lead actress accommodation. Nonetheless, we are desperately in need for a sponsor which would support the transportation of theses two guests from Paris to London.

We are open to any suggestions and propose as an exchange promotional services of your choice at the event. Being within the doors of King’s College London, the event will welcome students, parents, teachers, etc.

Please if interested, or know somebody/some institutions who would be, contact me asap.

Thank you very much for your help and consideration,
Sabrina Semidei