Finding cheap hotel accommodation near event venues

Can anyone help @Gordon with his challenge?

In my experience, it’s often better to visit the budget hotel brands (such as Premier Inn and Travelodge) directly as these often don’t appear on the aggregator sites. I got a great deal on a Premier Inn in Farringdon recently and was very surprised at how low the price was for central London.

Hey @Gordon a good alternative to Expedia is, however its pretty similar priced, just with some alternate options.

Most hotels are usually contracted to block out a large number of rooms to expedia/laterooms to hold and re-sell. So these sites usually have cheap rates compared to most other sites.

The cheapest hotels are as @Belinda_Booker said above such as PremierInn and Travelodge, however you can find some boutique hotels in most large cities which are just as cheap and better quality on Laterooms/Expedia. You could also try ibis hotels as they are pretty cheap normally.

Not all chains hotels are on Expedia/Laterooms, I can’t remember which, but some hotel chains such as Accor (ibis, Mercure, Novotel…) don’t have all their hotels on those sites.

Hope this helps?

Hello I’ve also used which aggregates a lot of the other sites. What I find really works is finding a great deal on one of these sites and then calling the hotel directly and saying you have found this deal can they do better if you book direct. I recently had a conversation with a hotel and apparently they pay these sites quite high commission so are often happy to give an even cheaper price and not pay it. (phew not sure that makes sense!)