Finding Speakers - Crowdfunding

Hi All

We are running an Equity Crowdfunding Event on the 2nd November and although we’ve had a tonne of interest so far, the holidays are slowing things down a lot - anyone have tips on getting around that.

Also if anyone happens to have run an equity crowdfunding event or knows someone who has and would be interested in sharing their story - please do let me know.

Thanks Lotte


Hi Lotte. The August slowdown is a nightmare when you’re still trying to get things done! Where have you been promoting the event so far?

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Not wishing the summer to be over but pleased to see September. I have an event in less than two weeks and promoting it through August has been quite a challenge. Now hoping that people will be back in business mode and more receptive.

Thanks for the response guys, so far we have launched our website but haven’t started openly promoting it as still waiting for sign off from speakers, who are mostly away until next week.

I’m confident that it’s going to be great, because the topic is so necessary, but wow August has been a hard one.

Melissa how is your event looking so far? Hope it goes really well.