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I am planning on holding an event for entrepreneurs in London (100 people max) and I need some help. What is the key factor between an event being successful or not. Do I need to pay for promotion on eventbrite and if so how much so I pay for as a budget. I have looked into mentorship but I feel that like may of these things , they get their info from here or they do not disclose what what works for them.

Where else can I promote the event other than Eventbrite, Meetup, Kwickweek, Timeout, Billeto?

Any help would be great to prevent noshows.

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For promoting an event, if you don’t already have a heavy contact database you have collected over the years, Social Media is the best place.

Platforms like LinkedIn are great for grabbing people’s attention. You don’t necessarily need to do paid advertisement, just create interesting content and have conversations online and you’ll hopefully be able to grow an events guest list.

Is your event a paid to attend or free to attend event? If it’s free to attend, take into consideration that there is often a high percentage of people who book and don’t attend. If it’s a paid to attend event, make sure the content is relevant to your audience and that any speakers you have can attract a crowd.

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I agree with Ryan. LinkedIn will be good for this, since you are trying to attract entrepreneurs. Check out this list of event promotions ideas that are totally free (including tactics for LinkedIn):