First ever LIVE radio advert


I am extremely new to the event world, only been in my position 8 months. I have organised a event at the end of this month for Armed Forces Day. I have emailed radio stations and press to advertise but one radio station will not advertise themselves i have to go LIVE on air and plug my event on there feel good Friday section. I need advise on what to say and if anyone has done it before just some personal insight into what to expect would be good.

Thank you

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Can you help with this @Voicey and @promoterGO ?

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Hi @Fawleyeventmanager Kathryn,

From what it sounds like, they’re wanting to invite you on as an interview subject rather than just a straight up advert? (Adverts are usually just 30s or so of course), so if they’re inviting you on live then it certainly sounds like they’re giving you a slot, which is ideal.

If I were you, I’d make a list (something you’re bound to have already of course) of all the event’s key features/details/benefits etc, speak to the station ahead of time to say this is what it’s all about, then if they’re planning on asking some questions they can plan those ahead of time so they know the right kind of questions to ask, to give you the maximum impact possible on the day of the interview.

(Or, depending on their level of proactivity, might be worth you writing your own questions to ask yourself, which can be fed to the presenter ahead of time; so at least you are fully prepared and can have pre-planned answers to your own questions.)

Radio can be incredibly powerful in rallying the troops (no pun intended) to gain maximum attendance etc, so this is an absolutely superb opportunity to exploit.

If it’s not so much an interview but just a ‘x’ min slot for you to promote it directly, then I would just treat it as something you might say at a business networking event - work on an ‘elevator pitch’, however long they’re giving you; and just reel off all the key points about the event and why people should attend, what’s on offer, the cause it’s for, what people can expect etc etc.

Hope that helps. If you need anything else or get told some more detail about what to expect from the station, just drop me a message, happy to help.


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Great advice. Thanks @Voicey :+1:

Thank you that’s great advice. i will try and put something together. I’m going to listen to the slot this Friday to see what to expect as they do it every Friday. I am not a very confident person and things that like this can cause me anxiety but i am hoping i can do it. This job has thrown me into all sorts of situations that before i couldn’t deal with but i’m coming on leaps and bounds. :slight_smile:

No problem at all, anytime.

Yeah if you’ve got the opportunity to listen to the slot then that’s a good plan, nice bit of research so you know what to expect.

I’m sure you’ll do great. Just try and plan for every eventuality, every type of question, and then you’ll be able to reel off an answer no matter what.

Kathryn, try to speak to the producer ahead of time (I was a radio producer for 15 years) - chances are they actually want to feed their presenters with some prompts, and that way you’ll be asked questions you are already prepared to answer.
I agree with Richard - make a list! Also keep your answers short and interesting. If you can be funny too they’ll probably have you back every week!!!
ALSO - ask if it’s ACTUALLY live… the vast majority of stations record their phone calls about 15 minutes before and then they’ll edit them to tidy it up. If it’s pre-recorded and you make a mistake then just stop, rewind and start again - it’s their job to edit around the hiccup.