Floor Plan Software

Hi, I’m curious what everyone is using for floor plan software?

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Great question - I will follow with interest. I only do small scale events so have been struggling along with power point for layout plans!

Are you looking for a tool to create the complete layout of a space (seating, stage, bar, check in desks etc)? Would again be interested to here answers to this!

Eventbrite have a reserved seating tool where you can design the seating layout of your space and let attendees choose their seats, but i think you’re looking for something different than this?

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Hi Nick and thanks Louise, so yes, I plan large conferences with themed evening social events and need to convey set ups for all that you mention (no reserve seating though) to hotels and our team. I’m using AllSeated which is good but you need to send floor plans and have them uploaded which can take a couple + days and because I am not American based, I can’t give them business around CORT furniture rental. I found Sketchup too much work punching in dimensions of all the spaces.

Louise, check out AllSeated, I’m sure a better option than power point.


We are actually looking for floor planning software as well at the moment for our annual Business Exhibition, to allow exhibitors to select their stand space. Last year we used Floorplanner which is free for one floorplan, but looking to upgrade this year.

Any suggestions?

We are on the verge of taking on the big cost of getting vectorworks. We also do staging so this isn’t a bad purchase but out in-house experience isn’t to the quality of skipping a reach out to a freelancer to do renders for clients. I’m wondering if we go a cheaper route to do our basic mock ups and detailed floor plans. If there is a basic cheaper route… so I’m tagging along on this thread.

What are you using atm @angela?

Before two years ago we did first drafts in photoshop or illustrator but then depended on freelancers. We used an educational licenses (CEO’s son was in college) last year and the trial of vectorworks to get the hang of it to see if it was worth purchasing. Now it’s time we either pull the trigger or find something that fits our needs. Personally I want vectorworks but I understand the ROI isn’t quite there.

We use a company called Showplans on our exhibition, there is also a company called Social Tables that has great tools for floor plan and table planning

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Great thanks, I’ll check them out! c