Food at Large Conventions - Is it necessary?

For the last decade, our company has hosted an event in Las Vegas and offered snacks during the morning and afternoon for breaks between sessions.
This conference is heavily attended - 1,000 people.
We are wondering if we should remove the snacks altogether.

Does any one else have experience with a convention this large, and whether two breaks a day is necessary?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve been to large conferences and never had snacks in the breaks. A comfort break every 2-3 hours is always a good idea

Events are becoming more experiential including conferences. Content, no matter how dynamic can fatigue the most enthusiastic guest. Environment & sustenance can massively change engagement. I’d highly recommend including refreshments that will boost motivation. Put yourself in the delegates shoes :slight_smile:

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I think it depends on if there is the possibility for delegates to purchase refreshments onsite and also whether you’ve communicated to people that they will be expected to bring or buy their own. If you usually serve snacks and they turn up to find none, there will certainly be disappointed people!