Food Vendors for Bromsgrove Event (2018)

I am looking for recommendations only based on your own experience (not a google search) of any veggie/vegan friendly options for a food van for a 3 day festival next May. We have had the same person for the last 3 years but she has just retired and left a gap that we need to fill. I can find dozens of them online but I was hoping to get an idea from someone who has booked such a vendor before.

Any particular ‘genre’ of food you’re looking for @Jay or open to ideas?

A friend of mine runs the Buddha Belly pop-up, doing authentic Thai food (she’s Thai). They tend to do the likes of Digbeth Dining Club and various pop-up food events all over the place. Their website is:

Have also sampled the Handmade Pizza Co when I was last at Digbeth Dining Club and their pizzas were out of this world.

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Cheers @Voicey I will look into it. On first viewing of DDC website they seem to be under the impression the promoter pays for the food companies to come along. We charge vendors to be at our event rather than paying for them to come. Hopefully further investigation will help.

I’ve no idea how it works to be honest. Hopefully you’ll find someone that can do it

Hi Richard

Have you contacted the Veg Festival organisers? I think their is a Vegan Fest too somewhere.

There is a Vegan Society too!

I strongly suspect tall these have a list of preferred and selected traders on their books and in your area?

Asian style foods are very popular with event organisers but tend to be more adult friendly, whilst those selling flatbreads, wraps, pizzas etc suit all ages.

NCASS also have a service to find suitable traders - all will have been checked for the documentation required of street food traders.

Regards Julie