For better meetings & events, just add plants (apparently)

According to a new study, those who work close to nature report a 15% higher level of wellbeing and creativity. As such, Amazon’s new meeting rooms house 400 different species of plants and Apple is planning 8,000 trees at its California campus.
Do you incorporate live plants into your event design and have you seen an increase in attendee performance/satisfaction?


I love including floral and plants into any event space. However, these days I find it hard to validate in client budgets. In the past, I’ve managed to arrange some spectacular displays which always received positive comments and helps add that extra something to the event space.

I’ve also been known to ‘acquire’ existing plants from around the venue to add green to my event spaces! I always put them back at the end!

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That is such a good idea to borrow existing plants from around the venue! Is it possible to hire potted plants as well? I wonder if artificial greenery conveys the same benefits, I doubt it?

I definitely think live plants are a great idea because they somehow seem to bring an event “alive” literally and figuratively. They’re great decor, make people feel good (admiring them, looking at them as a distraction) and they can be used for almost any time of event. For those wanting to try incorporating these, I highly recommend IKEA or a hardware store like Home Depot for inexpensive options.

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I totally agree. Apparently there’s a word for the human need to be near nature, “biophilia”. I love how these events have integrated greenery:

Hi Belinda,

I’ve hired plants, trees, bushes! Most local garden centres will ‘hire’ out. It’s not always the cheapest especially if you want a large specimen.
I once hired 30 trees and blossoms for a night garden theme!

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Wow sounds fantastic. Do you have a photo? What kind of cost would you be looking at to hire and does that include delivery and collection or do you have to arrange that yourself?

It was back in 2002! And I lost all of my files this February

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: great idea!

also seconded!

This discussion has got me thinking that I’d quite like a plant for my desk

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Gosh, I really sympathise Allison. I’ve almost had a nervous breakdown over losing one file let alone all of them. Hope it’s not causing you too many difficulties :grimacing:

Oh, there was the inevitable crash and burn! Complete fail. Cloud back up fail, time machine fails. Laptop data was irretrievable. I paid for a data recovery company who specialise in military retrieval who were unsuccessful too. Lesson learnt! Google enterprise henceforth!

I’ve moved to Google Drive too. It makes sense to be able to access your docs from any machine. Let’s just hope their servers never go down!