Free motoring events in the UK?

Hi, I’m looking for motoring events near city centres in the UK where my employer (a membership organisation for motoring enthusiasts) can set up a pitch/exhibit. I’ve tried googling but haven’t really had much luck with the various combinations of search terms I’ve used, could anyone recommend any?


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Hi Ricoh, Retro Warwick Classic Car Show is really good. Well supported and usually well attended. It’s not massive but a good display and buzzing! No idea on costs for exhibiting but definitely worth investigating: To my knowledge even the smaller town car events charge for a stall/exhibition stand. They may have not-for-profit rates though.

Also Bromley Pageant seems to be well supported although it’s not free to attend.
I can put you in touch with the teams at CarFest, The London Classic Car Show, Historic Motorsport International and Ignition (all Brand Events) but they’re not free to attend and exhibiting costs will be what you’d expect for major consumer exhibition. Let me know!

Hi Melissa

Thanks so much! We’re actually already at CarFest and potentially at Ignition, but I’ll certainly have a good look at the Retro Warwick Classic Car Show and Bromley Pageant. Really helpful, thanks :smiley:

You might want to check out this too: and I’ve seen quite a bit of promotion for this:
Good luck!