Free Venues in London

Thought it might be a good idea to start a thread about free and no hire fee venues in London as this is something i hear asked all the time.

What free venues in London do you know about? Write them down (this post is a wiki so ANYONE can edit it!)

Here’s the list so far:


Campus London - Old Street
Air Space - Tottenham Court Road
WeWork - Moorgate
South Place Hotel - Moorgate (Bar space for networking)
Rise London - Signed up required (Specifically for fintech or entrepreneur focused events)
The Shoreditch Platform - Shoreditch (Min Spend)


Square Pig - Holborn
Antelelope - Tooting

Websites - has an option for min spend venues

Other ideas


I’ve found co-working spaces in general open to offering the space free if the event is of value for their members/ or if partnering with them.

Two examples - Air Space - Tottenham Court Road; The Trampery - Old Street

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Maybe it would be a good idea to make the first post in this topic a wiki, so that we can start a list and anyone can add to it?


For some of our events we’ve partnered with businesses who have space and available and want access to our delegates. Similar to what @KtMcPhee mentioned. Specifically we’ve used the RBS and Barclays offices as well as those of various law firms. All for free in return for “access” to the delegates.
Some have really large amounts of conference space, great AV and fabulous refreshments!!


I think this is often a good approach and one we’ve used. If you can find a way to demonstrate to the venue the value of your event (or attendees) to them, then that’s a good start.

Out of interest, by “access” are you referring to sharing attendee data with them, or are they interested in physically being able to network with your delegates?

Nick - in our case they have access to the delegates during the actual event during networking time and by joining in the round-table sessions. This actually works very well as they are useful contributors. We also share the delegate list.


Just bumping this topic to see if any new members have suggestions?

This is a great thread and a challenge that I deal with monthly.

I find that, if you’re willing, offering your attendee list is popular with venues in considering free or reduced rates for hire. In addition, giving them the chance to both address and network with your audience at the event is another attractive supplement to your pitch.

Another handy offer, should the event be suitable, could be to invite them to bring their key or prospective clients to your event using it as a tool for them to entertain and/or sell…

To wrap up, I’m a big fan of building relationships and helping others, so I will offer to introduce the venue to any partners/sponsors that are supporting the event - this way you are leaving them with the opportunity to create something new for their future clients.

I look forward to the discussion


Approached The Trampery on the back of this post but it was a no to hosting my meetup :frowning:

Was it a no because they had no space or they don’t do free space anymore??

‘Unable to help on this occasion’.

Also, South Place Hotel were only able to offer space in the bar for networking. Not really what I was looking for :frowning:

Thanks for the feedback, i’ll edit the wiki. How big is your meetup? Campus are usually pretty good but you have to book it well in advance + make it open to their members

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I didn’t specify numbers to the venues.

Depending what you’re looking for - if it’s just drinks, there are a lot of pubs & bars in London with private event spaces which work on minimum spends rather than a hire fee. I used for a sports event I did last year, they work fo a wide number of pubs in and around London so can search multiple options for you to save you going to them all individually.

We have a meeting coming up at Percy & Founders who also only charged a minimum spend - many cafes and restaurants have the technical capabilities but again often without the room hire fee.

I hope this helps


Thanks. Looking for venues that can host talks. Meetup is aimed at knowledge and experience-sharing.

Used to use the downstairs room in the Square Pig at Holborn for evening networking events with speakers. They had some sort of AV system. It was free to use the space but that was a while back. Might be worth a call?


This is a really helpful subject.

However, I wonder if it would apply to my circumstance. I am working for a small charity as their event fundraising, organising networking and seminar style events for their Alumni. Would this approach work for obtaining free space at high end or 5* Hotels. I am a concerned these venues won’t see the benefits.

I realize this is an old thread but in the past we have used universities and colleges to host our events without charge .

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Thanks for your suggestion Helen - this actually a wiki post so it’s like a permanent thread. What kind of events have you run at universities and colleges? I’ll add it to the post