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Hey. I run a not for profit with about 3k members in the UK and we are looking for regular meeting venues all over the UK but want to avoid paying for hotels and the like… any ideas?

I also wondered whether there is opportunity to partner with meeting space providers, such that we can use the venues pro bono in return for promoting their service to our members? Does anyone have any experience of this?


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Hi Chris, thanks for posting? Approximately, how many people would you be looking to accommodate at each meeting?

Can any of our venue members advise Chris on how he might go about pitching a venue for a barter type deal? @kat @Jakki @lizy1778 @Paul_Couchman @Jenny_Lilian_Louisa @Brianna_Nobles

I think you will find venues would be willing to work with you but in order for most venues to do a deal they would want to understand the following:

*Delegate Numbers
*Day of the week required - mon/fri likely to be cheaper
*Exact budget per event
*Required catering
*your delegates attending - are they responsible for hiring venues - what benefit will the venue get?

I’d be honest with your venues and really pin down a true budget as they will be honest in return if it can work or now and if it provides mutual benefits.
Happy to discuss further or provide a quote.



Thanks so much for your response Kat. That’s really helpful :+1:

Good advice for anyone sourcing a venue. Thanks Kat!