Free Webinar - PPC strategies for event promotion

Hi all,

hope you are doing well. Here is a webinar my company organising, focusing mainly on PPC for event marketing. As we specialize in this filed, think this might be useful for anyone using PPC as a part of the event marketing strategy.

Link for registration

Apart from that if you have any PPC related questions, just ask and will try to answer.



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Thanks for the heads up, Alex. I’m sure this will be very useful for Tribers.

How did the webinar go? Do you have any highlights you could share? Could you offer @ineffableevents any advice on attracting event clients via Facebook?


Do you have a typical client size or budget to work with them.?

Hi @Belinda_Booker Webinar video is available now at

Hi @oconnor_m2000,

We typically purpose £1,000-2,000 campaign budget.



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Fantastic. Thanks for sharing, Alex :+1: