Fun ideas to encourage foot fall in quiet area of exhibition

Hi all
I’m planning an exhibition, there is a section of the room which is a little out of the way so doesn’t get high footfall, the area is a little self contained and I’m looking for some reasonably priced fun ideas to get people to go there. Things like a Batak game but they charged about £1.5K! Any ideas would be very welcome :slight_smile:
Many thanks

Hey @RKCW ,

A couple of questions:

  • Which venue? (If you can disclose)
  • Event theme?
  • What do you want to achieve from the area?

Firstly if you have any trusted exhibitors, it may be worth asking them what they would like to see the space used for? They may offer to bring some things down to it, such as VR Headsets to contribute to the space to attract delegates. You could also use this space as a showcase space for exciting upcoming technology in the industry?

Another option, depending on timescales, is holding a poster board session in that space, where upcoming industry members can share some of their projects for peer to peer review? You could make this interactive with some apps for scoring and incorporate the results into the conference closing.

Some other cheaper options that could work, depending on the space are:

  • Interactive workshop area? Some seats in a round circle with peer to peer interactive discussions, using voting technology, Q&A apps etc.
  • Chilled fun zone, so sofa’s, fussball tables, cheaper alternatives to a Batak Game.

For me, if I have a space which is out of the way, I’d look at the option of placing some catering/drinks in that area as that usually attracts lots of people (It’s an old method but it works). I would then have staff who would help direct the delegate flow towards that area as they enter the exhibition space.

Hope that helps?

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thank you so much Ryan this is really helpful! the venue is the Wellcome Genome Campus in Hinxton. There is an area where I want to put a small number of exhibitors around a theme of techy start-ups so your idea of a VR demo is brilliant as I’ve got lots of contacts already :slight_smile: as I’m running a VR event soon!!

Yes I was thinking of putting some catering there - I’d need it to be something different from the other catering which will be dotted around.
Again thanks so much this has given me a whole new train of thought to explore.
Best wishes


All excellent ideas. You could also put something practical up there like phone chargers and work stations where people can plug their laptops in and reply to their emails. Oh, and anything free - if people know they can get a free glass of wine in that area, they’ll be there!


Thanks Belinda, yes I am trying to get sponsorship for a mobile charging station as my budget is too tight to get one without some funds! I really wanted to get one of those bubble machines that creates cocktails bubbles but that’s been vetoed lol

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That’s a really great idea. We have a member who supplies mobile charging stations @InCharged. I think he’s based in the US, but he might have some tips for you anyway?

Thank you Belinda for the mention! Rachel @RKCW If you can get a sponsor a charging station is definitely a great way to get foot traffic in without any noise.

We are based in the U.S. but some of these same ideas can be applied to any charging station or even different types of event areas.

A lot of people do a refresh & recharge lounge area with water stations, seating and charging stations. Here is a PDF with some ideas of what you can do:
Charging Station Sponsor Placement Ideas

And here is just some overall values and benefits you can share with potential sponsors as well:
Cell Phone Charging Station Benefits

I hope some of these ideas help and best of luck!

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thank you Belinda and thanks so much Ramon I’ll check out the links.
Best wishes