Getting a job in the industry without experience

Hi everyone! I’m a Portuguese women living in London and working as a receptionist in a Casino.

I’ve been trying to get a job in events for 3 years now, but because I have no experience in the industry, even with a degree in Communication and post graduation in Events Management, so far I keep getting rejected. I’ve volunteered at some events, but nothing consistent, for rent and food cost money (otherwise I’d do it all the time!) and I also have an office and customer service experience.

I’ll keep sending CVs every 2/3 days, but do you have any other advice for me? How can I get a job in events without experience?

Thank you so much!

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Hi Vanessa, sorry to read that you’re having such a challenging time. Perhaps try applying for roles where events are part of the role such as with a charity, at a hotel or trade association. They might require less specific events experience but still give you the opportunity to build your skills and knowledge in that area. You can use this as a stepping stone maybe. Best of luck!

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It sounds like you have been very unlucky. Does your casino have space which is available for private hire (or could be)? Could you speak to your manager and suggest arranging some in-house events or making parts of the casino available for hire for events? You should make it known that you wish to transition your role into an event manager one. Hopefully they will realise that it could be a good extra revenue stream and that your skills are being wasted on reception!


Hi Vanessa, There’s nothing stopping you from organising your own events.
I’m sure you belong to many social groups - why don’t you organise events for them first and over time you will gather a lot of experience of being an event organiser. I’ve organised something in the region of 150+ social events in London for the various social groups I belong to.


Great suggestion! There are some great ticket offers around for groups. If you and your friends like theatre you couldn’t be living anywhere better and many of the ticket agencies do great deals for groups of 10+. Sometimes you can pay later giving you time to get people organised and getting them to pay you first. Quite often people who aren’t regular theatregoers are up for a trip. Also there are some great walking tours, museums, galleries and sporting venues. If, like me, food is an essential part of a good day out for you, you might find this article from Time Out of use:

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