Getting a lot of interest, but no sign ups. Why?

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Hey @Neil_Stansfield though’t i’d start a new topic on this as it’s an interesting issue you have. Can you give me a bit more info on:

When you people enquire what is the most common thing they’re asking you about?
Where does most this traffic/interest come from online? (e.g. from social, from google etc?)


Morning Nick,

I receive emails from coaches asking how much it would be for a team of 11 - 14. With a 10% discount it’s £14 per person.

Interest is generated from Facebook posts and Facebook groups (Football clubs tend to have their own groups to discuss fundraisers, training, matches etc).

Any ideas?

Hi Neil

Had a quick look at your site which looks really nice, but here’s a couple of thoughts i had:

I didn’t find it that easy to find key info such as:
event date
event location
ticket prices
how long would the event take
and what the course involves (although the video helps a bit with this it might be good to have more information so coaches can get a better picture)

Basically the more steps people have to take to find info and then sign up, the less they will bother however good the event. We actually did some research into this recently and the conclusion was that for every additional step you have in your sign up process, 10% of your ticket buyers will drop off.

Here’s a few ideas to make it an easier process:

  • You’re using Eventbrite so why not use the Eventbrite widget and display all the ticket options directly on your site. That way you don’t need the contact box asking people to get in touch about rates etc as they can get all the info direct from your site and just sign up.
  • Use Eventbrite’s “Publish to Facebook” feature to pin your event page to your Facebook page so people can go straight through to tickets from your Facebook page.
  • In general have the key info (dates etc) laid out a little more clearly on your homepage.
  • If you get a number of enquiries and people tend to ask you the same questions, just have an FAQ page/section on your site so they can find the answers without having to call up.

Hope this helps

Brilliant Nick, thanks for this…much appreciated.

I’m very new at organising events, I just had the idea and now I’m trying to execute it…so it’s all a learning curve.

I’ll let you know if your suggestions have a positive effect.

No problem at all. Let us know how you get on