Global Exhibitions Day #GED18 - What's your favourite exhibition?

First Post ALERT!!!

A big hello to the EventTribers community

Today is Global Exhibitions Day and a chance to celebrate the exhibition industry and highlight its positive impact on jobs, business and innovation

My question is… What is your favourite exhibition and why?

For me, other than the amazing BNC Event Show, which is only 5 weeks away, (shameless plug) it has to be IBTM World. Why? Because of the powerful knowledge programmes and of course the everlasting sunshine in a fantastic city

Look forward to learning other EventTribers favourites


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Hey Nathan, do you mean event industry exhibitions or exhibitions in general? I used to like Confex back in the day because they had lots of entertainers, food samples and other freebies.

Hey Belinda,

Any exhibition and industry in general

Safe to say we have all been to events and exhibitions for some reason, whether it’s for business or pleasure, learning the reasons behind why they stick out can prove valuable

Just wanted to see what people take away from an exhibition… like the food and freebies at Confex :laughing:

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I am Sarah and mostly I like to attend exhibitions which are related to business management and want to know about the things that people grab from theses types of exhibitions.