Going paperless - how have you done it?

Hi all

What solutions have you come up with for making events paperless? I’m especially interested in how to replace workshop materials that traditionally would have been printed packs for people to make notes in or workbooks to complete exercises in during the sessions.

Is there anything you’ve found difficult when going paperless - copyright, attendees not having electronic devices etc.?

Hi Hannah not had experience doing this myself but I imagine one way you could accomplish the above is by using Google docs. It would mean requiring people to bring along their laptops/iPads but essentially everyone would be able to access and edit the documents on their devices without having to download anything, and this would also allow people to collaborate on exercises.

Interested to hear other suggestions :slight_smile:

Glisser is a great app that is designed to do a lot of this - worth checking out. Slide sharing with note-taking and download function, audience polling and Q&A

@oliver-glisser I bet has some thoughts on this

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Hey Hannah,

As Marino suggested, Glisser’s live slide-sharing functionality allows your delegates to access your slides, take notes and then download the slides once a presentation has finished.

We actually blogged about this topic of “Going Green” recently:

And finally, I noticed you work for the NHS. Check out how we’re being used within the NHS, to improve the effectiveness of your meetings and events.

Hey Hannah,

ever thought about using a digital conference/goodie bag filled with all the information your participants need?


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NFC wristband I think would be one good idea for a paperless event.

Sometimes the alternatives can be less environmentally friendly. Work sheets printing on recycled paper, for example, use less carbon in production than a tablet computer. However, replacing hefty printed brochures by hosting them online certainly makes sense.

Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct forum for my very simple question, If it is not please can you advise which one to go for. We are going paperless and have just integrated EB into SFDC, It’s all working smoothly apart from one thing. I cannot get the Company to map to the account. I have read the documentation and still no joy. Please please can someone help me and advise of the correct mapping. Thank you !

Hi Robeela, do you mean Eventbrite into Salesforce? Have you carried out the instructions in this doc?: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hniu7vvpJqyZpCmZDNUibWslGWwShKdbZ1YBSgRtAYI/edit#heading=h.2grqrue
You might need to get your Salesforce administrator to look into it if you have and it’s still not working.