Golf Fundraiser

I am bidding to plan and manage a golf fundraiser. I have never organised one before and would be happy to get ideas. My brief is to identify sponsors, recruit players and plan and manage the event in its entirety. I really, really, really want this event!!!

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Hi Nyokabi,

Sounds interesting! Could you give us more info? Is it a large event and you’re seeking professional players?

In terms of sponsorship, it might be good to see what businesses are near the course and if there’s a crossover in there business and the event’s audience.

Sounds interesting, keep us updated!

Good luck with the bidding. Is that via a freelancing website? Could you work with a club? They may be able to gift you time on their course perhaps on their least busy day in exchange for making them an official sponsor and associated publicity, logo on all comms etc. Probably worth talking to the governing body: They may be able to give you contacts in the area, promote via their social media channels, help you find players etc. Let us know if you win the contract and post any questions you have along the way so we can all chip in.

Ooh sounds exciting. Could you partner with someone with golf knowledge (presuming you don’t have that yourself?) - it would no doubt strengthen your bid?

Thank you Melissa. This is in Nairobi, actually. A charity event for a private University. I’ve met with a Kenya Golfing Association official. Gave me good advice. Crossing fingers!!

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I have a friend who’s an avid golfer. He’s given me really good advice and sponsorship leads. Now we wait. :relaxed:

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Thank you Simon. It’s a charity event for a private University (my alma mater). They would like to raise money for scholarships and are would like to hire an event planner to organise and manage the event from end to end.
I’m seeking golfers, not necessarily professional ones.

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Fingers crossed. Keep us posted!