Got any questions about Lighting or Sound or AV for events?

Fire any questions you may have about anything; like;
What’s a gobo ?
What is DMX?
How much should I spend on …?
What equipment do I really need for my event?

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Hey Jos, thanks for making your expertise available. I have a question - what’s the cheapest way to achieve great effects with lighting?

Very good question @Belinda_Booker

I would suggest the following:
Contact a lighting company not an AV company to do lighting, the main reason is available companies don’t focus on lighting and have higher over head in their business. This means lighting is normally the last thought and less investment in good lights.
Also lighting companies will have designed lighting for many shows (with huge budgets) so they know what looks good for lighting.

In terms of equipment.
Make sure you always get front light for your speakers or stage act, but the tick (from opera and theatre world) is to make sure your subject is also back lit with a different colour temperature white (if you say differernt CTO to a lighting company they will know what you mean)
This is to make sure that the subject is well lit. It’s like in the sound world, if you see a live band playing and you can’t hear the vocals … But the whole band you wouldn’t enjoy it at all!

Now to make the room nice,
Up lights, but get them to DMX (Lighting control) them as that means they can manipulate all of the lights separately and turn them of or change colour, so when the show starts you can dim them or change colour for different parts of the event. Costs you nothing extra but will improve your show.

Last thing I would suggest is to make the stage fill out, so a couple of moving lights with gobos will break up hard edges!

The reason we get the jobs we do is because our clients have really said what a difference a lighting design company makes compared to and AV company. And it’s the same cost or cheaper in many cases. That would be my biggest suggestion, to find a lighting designer :slight_smile:

I hope that helps!

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That’s really interesting. You’d naturally assume using one company to take care of both would result in savings but this makes sense. Thanks so much for your advice!

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