Great app for re-distributing food waste after an event

I know a lot of you here are eco conscious, so I thought I’d share a great app called Olio. Eventbrite has partnered with Olio, so if you’re using Eventbrite to run your event, it’s super easy to ensure any leftover food you have doesn’t go to waste.

Olio can organise a volunteer to pick up your food at the end of your event and redistribute it to the local community. Just fill out an online form. Great idea, eh? More details here:


Just come across another useful app for those event planners concerned with the environment; Sustainable Development Goals. This app from the United Nations will keep you up to date with the latest information around SDGs and help you design your own initiatives to fulfil them.


Hey Belinda!
This is definitely one of my top concerns going into this so thank you so much for these sources!
Keep shining!

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