Has anyone run an event in Seoul, South Korea?!

Hi everyone,

We are working with a client who wants to run a series of hackathon events in London, Paris and Seoul. Having never run an event in South Korea myself, I said we would look into the feasibility of it and that’s where I thought of the fantastic EventTribe community.

I would really welcome any thoughts/experiences/ideas from anyone who knows Seoul or has contacts there.

The event itself will be attended by around 40 people and last 3 days. In London we usually book a combination of event space/meeting rooms at a co-working space and group accommodation at a nearby hotel. So my starting point for now is to start looking at equivalent options in Seoul.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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The convention bureau is represented in the UK by Moulden Marketing, who I’m sure will be able to help you: http://www.moulden-marketing.co.uk/partners/korea-mice-bureau/

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Hey there mate. Did you find what you were looking for?
Some friends of mine did a 10k person event there, and I’m sure they would have had a fixer as well as needed board rooms and meeting rooms for press meetings. If you’re still looking into this let me know and I’ll ask them.

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Hi Malcolm,

Many thanks for your message, really appreciate your input - this event brief is on hold until the new year so, provided we do get the go ahead at a later date, I may well get back in touch with you if that’s ok?

Sorry for the slow reply it’s been a while since I logged on to EventTribe!



All good! :slight_smile: