Has anyone truly cracked PPC for event ticket sales?

I wondered if any event organisers have completely cracked a PPC campaign with google adwords?
By this I mean:

  • That they have full control of the campaign, and can turn it on/off when they want
  • The cost per conversion is tracked precisely (And is related to actual ticket sales)
  • And the cost per conversion is less than the cost of the adverts!

From experience, all I’ve had is digital marketing companies claim to be able to do it - But they always fail when it comes to the conversion tracking!

Any help, or experience welcomed!

x Julian - www.1bignightout.com & www.wickedstudentnights.co.uk

Hi Julian very glad you started this thread. I have a bit of a background in ppc (particularly Facebook) so may be a bit biased but here’s my two cents…

  • If you want control, it may be best not letting an agency do it for you. Adwords and all the social networks have advertising platforms that are easy and free to use, and open to everyone. You can switch off/on campaigns, set schedules, set budgets etc as and when you please.
  • All these ad platforms also have tracking pixels so you can directly track ad spend to conversions. It’s a bit of code that stick on your website and tracks what people do on your site once they have clicked an ad. E.g. what content are they looking, what actions are they taking etc. That way you can measure how many ‘desired’ actions are taken (e.g. Ticket Purchases) and you know how much you’ve spent for each one! It’s surprising you say agencies can’t track this for you, as it’s a fairly fundamental part of online advertising.
  • Yes this is achievable! In basic terms, getting a good cost per conversion is a mixture of making sure you are targeting properly, and have a landing page that can convert effectively.

What’s been your experience so far? What ad platforms have you used?

Hi Nick,

I’ve used an on-site ticketing solution (Ticketing Hub), and Eventbrite - And the conversion tracking was never quite there.

It could easily track links to the ticket page, but couldn’t track the actual completed sales.

If it’s possible - then I wonder if having google adwords that point directly to the Eventbrite page would be an effective tactic?

Hi Julian

If you’re using eventbrite you can set up conversion tracking pixels for most ad platforms on your manage dashboard. Screen grab below:

Are you using pixels? You really need to be using pixels to get the most out of ppc, otherwise, as you say, you’ve no idea how much you’re spending per conversion. Pixels will give you this data.

I actually think sending people straight to the ticketing page is a good idea, as long as you have a well filled out event page and description with enough info that people can make a decision. It cuts down the number of steps a customer has to purchase a ticket, and therefore can increase your conversion rate.

If my event ticket price is not high e.g below £20 i’d probably send straight to event page. If i was doing a conference or festival with a much higher ticket price, this may not work as well as people need more time to digest info about the event before they are convinced. In this case i’d direct people to my website where they can read all the great content about my event, watch the video etc and get interested, and then i’d retarget them and send them to the ticket page.

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I tried facebook advertising for an event and I got absolutely nothing from it. I’ve done a lot of ppc but for some reason I just could not get it to work for my event. Clearly, I’d done something wrong with the event, but I also wondered if Facebook was just not the right channel for an event with no brand awareness.

We were just too much of an unknown quantity.

Hi Sara what targeting did you do for the ads?

I had a defined audience, people in the target age group, income bracket, interests in fashion, in topics related to the theme of the event, and also based on geographical location.

@cheesecake this is a tricky one as I feel that your brand would be well suited to the audience you are targeting. Did you use Instagram as a placement? I think Insta is especially good for brands with a strong visual online presence.

Also were you doing retargeting campaigns? My general belief is that people don’t often buy tickets after clicking a Facebook ad, because they weren’t on Facebook looking for tickets. They’ll click the ad because they were interested, and they’ll check out your event, and then go back to Facebook to continue socialising - this doesn’t mean your ad didn’t work, it’s just that potential ticket buyers need more than one touchpoint before they are persuaded to buy. This is why retargeting is so important as it then reminds those people who showed interest in your event to actually come back and actually convert.

Does that make sense?

Hi Julian,

The problem you may face with the conversion tracking is that you use 3rd party solution. So to be able to track sales you need to ask ticketing hub for a solution as you need to install your tracking pixels on their pages, so basically, the problem is not in AdWords/Facebook, but in the fact that you can not deploy tracking pixel. You should ask ticketing hub for this. I quickly checked 1bignightout.com and you may have some other problem with double tracking and not properly tracking as you have several GTM, GA deployed on the page.

Hope this may help

@alexvelinov great point.
You mean insert a pixel inside eventbrite sales page? is that possible?


You can if you have an access to their GTM or website CMS



@Belinda_Booker Is it possible? With your experience, where can I find this information, ? TKss

You mean insert a pixel inside eventbrite sales page? is that possible?.. You can if you have an access to their GTM or website CMS

Tks @alexvelinov

@bragapedro It certainly is possible. Eventbrite has a guide to pixels you can download here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/blog/guide-tracking-pixels-fds00/

Amazing job belinda! Tkss You should make your presence here in Brazil :wink:

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Might be still relevant to this thread, with conversion tracking and Eventbrite you need to make sure it’s working prior to running campaigns. Cross-domain tracking is super important as well to make sure you aren’t seeing all your marketing efforts show up in tracking as the dreaded ‘Direct Traffic’ rather than the proper attribution via the eboga method.

Hello, I’m trying to figure out how to get my Google Ads tracking pixel set up. I’ve done all the steps I know to do but Google Converstion tracking still says unverified. Ads have had more than 10K views but I can’t get any data on tracking pixel. Can anyone tell me what I’ve done wrong?