Has anyone used wearable beacon technology or smart badges at their event?

Good morning Tribers,

The term iBeacons has been floating around the industry for years.

For 2019, I’m doing some research and writing a beginners guide to beacons for events and would love to get some insights and/or quotes about your thoughts on wearable beacon technology or beacons in general. The goal is to really outline what works & what doesn’t and how beneficial these technologies actually are.

  • What benefits have you seen?
  • What benefits do you think they will provide?
  • How do they enhance the attendee experience?
  • What technology are you most excited about?

In exchange, I would love to feature you in our guide and obviously link back to your website or social profile here on EventTribe.

If anyone has just any input, I would really appreciat your help by commenting to this thread or pinging me a quick message on LinkedIn. You can find my profile here.