Have you heard of ITV Business? SMEs can advertise on ITV Hub from £200+

Hi all,
We’ve got an event coming up next Tues 4th in Birmingham - I’m not so much plugging that really as we only have a few places left anyway!

However, it’s more to let everyone here know about the topic being covered - it’s being presented by the team from ITV Business based here in Birmingham, as ITV have launched a brand new platform (being piloted and launched here in the Midlands first, then rolled out nationally) designed for small businesses upwards.

Essentially it gives the ability to advertise on TV, via the ITV Hub, which would be broadcast in between on demand programming and live simulcast shows as well; all via a hub which is as easy as booking Facebook ads.

So whether you can make our event next Tues or not, it’s worth checking it out, as the potential audience reach for this is staggering given the low pricing you can advertise from. (For comparison, a typical TV ad with average airtime on traditional TV, including production of the ad itself, would start at around £150,000!)

So yes, check it out. Here’s the event link (free seminar with networking):


And here’s the direct info about ITV Business:


And if anyone wants to be put in contact with the ITV Business team just get in touch and will hook you up.

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Thanks for sharing that, its sounds like a great arrangement! I’ve passed the info onto our Marketing department :+1:

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No worries Julianne!

Yeah, having been demo’d the system, I have to say this is genuinely a case of a big broadcaster thinking sensibly & laterally, and making things like TV advertising far more accessible than ever before.

Especially in the ‘Netflix Generation’ where we’re choosing to view more and more programming on-demand, the ITV Hub still displays ads subtly, meaning it’s prime viewing for their (nationwide) millions of monthly viewers.

It’s even at a point where I’m thinking of getting an ad produced for my other day job business :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s good - from as little as £200 a month! Guess you also have to factor in getting a professionally produced ad though.

Yeah, you can literally have TV ads displaying from £200p/m - or, if people wanted to just trial it here and there, you can do it ad hoc too, so no lengthy contracts etc.

Gotta say, ITV have really been forward thinking with this new platform, they’ve made TV far more accessible than it ever has been.

People can use their own video material (should it be good enough quality etc), or they can arrange for stuff to be shot by ITV’s own creative team - however again, they’ve making that accessible too, as charges to get a 30s ad produced are only a few hundred quid. Their top package is I think £1600, so pretty much the standard cost of a simple corporate video these days.

[Just to clarify - I’m not being paid nor receiving any kind of kick-backs by ITV for any of this, I just genuinely think it’s a great platform!]

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