Healthy Conferencing

Intrigued to hear your thoughts on healthy conferencing and what it means and how it impacts your events/clients.

From experience, the cost of embracing a healthy and sustainable event can be hard to justify the budget


Good question! Thanks for posting. I’ve not been involved much in conferencing but I think it would come down to how much the client values going the healthy route and whether it would be part of their brand experience. Suspect that many could/would not justify the budget.

I normally take it to mean the availability of healthy eating options, but that tends to be commonplace now and has replaced the stodge of old.

I was intrigued to read about the health initatives at IMEX America, including mindfulness and meditation sessions and a ‘Be Well Lounge’ offering a restful space for yoga and breathing exercises.

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@Belinda_Booker great to see mental health being recognised along with physical health


I saw a really thoughtful example of this on the mental health side at Gen Con. They get upwards of 50,000 attendees over 2 days, many of whom tend to be introverts. You can imagine that it could be tough for someone who leans towards introversion to spend 2 days surrounded by 50,000 other people, noise, lights etc.

Because the understand their audience really well, they have a “quiet room” - somewhere attendees can go to to physically and mentally rest - relax, read, and get a respite from the main convention. No phones, noise or talking in the quiet room.

A great and really simple idea, and an excellent example of really understanding your audience and tailoring the event to them.


Brilliant! Love this. I’m borderline intro/extrovert so love the thought that I could dip in there, regroup and dive back in!

I really like this idea. Might have to pinch it for an upcoming health conference!

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