Help! Impossible task been set by my boss

I’ve been given 7 days to set up a recruitment open evening at my work. The idea is to attract potential new recruitment consultants. I have ZERO budget, ZERO interesting collateral, ZERO gifts or incentives…

I’ve done all the obvious marketing- boosted FB event (I managed to squeeze a £20 budget out of him for this!), twitter- including sharing via local business and jobs feeds-, linkedin, direct email marketing, contacted uni’s and job sites but I’'ve only got 4 people signed up so far and the event is Monday evening. I’m aiming for 20 attendees.

Any creative suggestions I’ve not thought of? This is my first post on this forum and it might just be a life saver!

I work for a recruitment agency in Manchester city centre.


Well that’s a fun start Victoria! Well done on getting the £20. Thank god for Facebook advertising.
Have you contacted the local job centre? Can you knock up some posters yourself and get them up on supermarket community notice boards and in community centres? Have you sent out a press release to local press and radio? Can you get your boss to agree to give existing staff who bring the most potential candidates along a half day off? Could you approach someone like Next and ask them for a voucher to give away on the night in return for including them in all comms?
Best of luck!

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My bosses generally have unrealistic expectations- I’m running a high level business networking event in September for around 120 people, which is going to be “the best Manchester has ever seen” according to my boss but my budget is soooooo tight… I’ve got a great venue and speaker confirmed and don’t need to promote it as it’s invites internal business partners but I have no money for gifts, displays, venue dressing etc. :frowning:

Wow that is a challenge! I think at this point you might have to rely on personal contacts - call up people you know, put it on your own Facebook page, and ask them to come along. Explain why this event is worth attending for anyone looking for a new opportunity (and maybe promise to buy them a drink afterwards!). It’s also worth encouraging the attendees you have secured to bring along a friend or to let their friends know about the event - perhaps connect with them on social media and then ask them to share your event post? Good luck!

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You could try local radio and newspapers. They’re often surprisingly up for things like this - after all, it’s an event that will benefit the local community (with jobs) and it’s good, relevant content for them.

Do you have an email database you can send the event invite out to?

And then, as Belinda says, at short notice word of mouth is often the best way to go. Hit up your friends, reach out to your LinkedIn network etc and ask them to share the event

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Good luck with the event tonight. Let us know how it goes!

Best of luck tonight! If I was nearer I’d come anyway…undercover obviously!!

How did things work out?

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Have you posted an invite on any Linkedin groups? Try searching recruitment consultant groups. Also see if any relevant groups on fb

Sorry just realised that your event has already taken place. How did it all go?

@victoria It seems we’re all keen to hear what happened!

:smiley:Thanks for your interest! I got 15 attendees in the end by using my network as well as advertising. I pushed my luck a bit and posted on ex-pat forums and student groups and the 4 people that came from those sources were definitely not the calibre we needed, so that’s a good learn for the future.

Also I need to make sure I’m briefed a bit more thoroughly as the content wasn’t really what I was told it would be, and I would have suggested making it a bit less intensive, but we found 3 very good candidates from the evening so overall it was a success!

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Ah brilliant! Three good candidates from 15 is a great result. Well done :slight_smile:

Well done!