Hiring live band. Your biggest headaches and most desired outcomes!

Hello Planners!

I’ve just started formally setting up what I had been doing for many years, informally, by word-of-mouth: running a London-based music agency and jazz consultancy service for event planners. It’s grown out of being a function band musician, and running my own bands, for over 30 years and being often asked to give advice to planners - private as well as professional. I’m hoping that by setting up a formal website and developing a marketing strategy, I can be of real service to this trade, as well as creating work opportunities for the real cream-of-the-talent-crop here in London and the SE.

I’d be really interested to know what kind of things you look for when booking a band, what you hope to achieve when hiring live music (obviously this is dependent on the kind of event you’re booking, eg dancing, setting a warm relaxing atmosphere, background soundscape etc) , and what are your biggest nightmares when it comes to 1) getting the music right and 2) dealing with musicians?

Any and all suggestions and information will be gratefully received.
Warmest wishes to you all.

Matt Skeaping