Hiring out Farmland for Events

I own 6acres of agricultural land which I am interested in ‘hiring out’ to people to hold events such as wedding/ party receptions and conferences in marquees. As most events like this would require, I would like to give the option to event holders to offer guest camping, live music, sale of alcohol. I have a brief understanding of temporary event notices and premises licenses but I want to make sure I handle it as professionally as possible. can anyone point me in the direction of someone/ somewhere with some really clear information on what licenses I need to hold/ planning permissions etc?

Thank you!


Hi Hilary, you should find some useful information in the below links and maybe some of our @Festivals members have some further resources?

I would hire out the land to trusted event organisers then the licensing headache will be passed on to that person.


Very good way to do it.

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Hi Hilary,
Im looking for a site for a mini festival im organising in August 2020… Would love to hear more